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M'WUD Classic


    4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 18, 19, 25 (mm)

    2440 mm (8 ft), 2135 mm (7 ft), 1830 mm (6 ft)
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APPLICATIONS : MR Plywood is utilized to make furniture, business compressed wood is normally sufficient.(BWP/BWR oppose water superior to anything MR types. So for kitchen furniture utilizing BWP/BWR is very normal).

MWUD CLASSIC is Treated and conditioned wood veneers from matured plantation timber of Eucalyptus and Poplar, each panel is crafted with extreme precision and care. The face veneer is derived from highly matured tropical hardwood species with a uniform moisture content.

It is manufactured in India's best hydraulic press at 130°C and extreme pressure to compress the veneer-resin pack to obtain superior quality plywood. The bonding process is done using highly viscous Melamine fortified resin with a high solid content, which keeps its layers strongly bonded for a longer time.

Product Features

We research deeply to give the best quality products.

Here are the key product features:

    • Made with Selected Eco-friendly Timber
    • Exceeding performance compared to other.
    • Optimum Strength and Durability.
    • Best suited for commercial interior uses
    • Treated against termite and borer.
    • Warp and twist resistant.
    • All weather resistant.
    • Use it anywhere It remains fit every where